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What is CyberTracker?

CyberTracker is a non-profit organization which initiated a software application as part of a larger vision.

CyberTracker is also a software application for mobile data capture and visualization. It is used widely in conservation, because of it's award winning user interface, but has also been successfully customized for a variety of other fields.

What does CyberTracker need in order to run?

The desktop application runs on all versions of Microsoft Windows.

CyberTracker does not support Windows RT.

Data can be captured directly using the desktop software or an Android or Windows Mobile device.

How much does CyberTracker cost?

CyberTracker is freeware and is supported through donors and community funded features.

How can I get technical support?

CyberTracker is supported by a Yahoo group. The group is monitored by the CyberTracker team and has many knowledgeable folks asking and answering questions.

The group has been around for many years, so try searching the archives to get a sense for the kinds of questions people ask.