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The CyberTracker application grows and is improved through donor grants and feature commissions.

To commission a feature, send mail to justin@steventon.com.

To become a donor, send mail to louis@cybertracker.org.


  • The European Union ECOFAC program for funding the development of version 3 (the current version).
  • The JRS Biodiversity Foundation funded the upgrade of the CyberTracker software for Android Smartphones and Tablets.

Feature commissions (in no particular order)

  • Rich Guenzel
  • Mitch Lockwood
  • Steven DeRoy, Bruce Maclean & Amanda Karst at CIER
  • David Stainbrook at Pennsylvania Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit
  • Richard A. Bergl, North Carolina Zoological Park
  • H. Lefranc, R. Nuñez, G. Sanchez G., R. C. Soriguer (http://icts.ebd.csic.es)
  • Shaun Ansell, Djelk Rangers, Bawinanga Aboriginal Corporation
  • Rod Kennett, Micha Jackson, Erica Mccreedy, North Australian Indigenous Land and Sea Management Alliance
  • Joe Benshemesh, Victorian Malleefowl Recovery Group and Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Land Management
  • Shawn Gray
  • Matthew Schnupp & CKWRI, Kingsville, TX
  • Jorge Luis Torres L., Victor Rincón R. - Centro de Investigación en Palma de Aceite - Cenipalma, Colombia