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We're building out tutorial videos for CyberTracker. If you have some to share, please send them to justin@steventon.com.

Using line transects

CyberTracker contains a simple transect system that allows processing of sightings into data that can be processed by applications like Distance. Check out how it works.

Creating and Editing Element List Filters

The Element List control can have its contents filtered. Check out how it works.

Customizing Element Lists

The Element List control is the most flexible control in CyberTracker. Check out this demo of various properties that can be customized. Note there is additional documentation here.

Advanced Map Features

CyberTracker has avoided adding many GIS related features, because it focuses primarily on being a data-conduit. However, it does have several useful mapping features.

Graphing Trends in Data

Trend graphs are a way to see simple trends in data over time.

User Customized Lists

A User list is a list that can be customized without affecting the database in any way. This is typically used when sending a CyberTracker database to another group that may need to add their own users.

Restricted Application Editing Using a Password

Editing of Applications can be restricted to prevent loss of data integrity.

Goto Lists

Goto lists allow specification of a number of target locations. These can be selected and CyberTracker will navigate users to them.

Goto Using Elements

Goto points can also be specified by using Elements. This means that users can be guided to well known locations by navigating an application, rather than finding a single point in a potentially long list.

History in the Field

This video shows the feature of having previously recorded sightings appear on the device.

User Lists

This video shows how to use a User List. This is a special type of list which you can customize without changing the database. It is especially useful for names of users, which are likely to change a lot.

Basic Application Editing

Basic Editing is a new feature whereby users can be restricted to editing a limited set of properties in an application.

Date Control

A Date Control allows you to specify a date.

Web Transfer

Web Transfer is a feature to send data from the CyberTracker client over HTTP/HTTPS as JSON.

ESRI Connect

ESRI Connect is a for automatically sending data to ArcGIS Online from the field.

Remove Looped Attributes

Remove Looped Attributes allows local use of loops in an application.

Web Update

Web Update allows install and update of applications via the web.