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XlsForm supports an extension system. CyberTracker leverages this system to provide customizations. These extensions are invisible to XlsForm tools, so they only affect the behavior of CyberTracker.

Download a simple example

Table of Contents

Initial setup

Create the namespace

The ct namespace tells other XlsForm tools to ignore columns starting with bind::ct:.

title version namespaces
My Form 2022101001 ct=""

Form configuration - settings sheet


Setting this to true causes the form UI to use the wizard exclusively, i.e. this is more like CyberTracker Classic. Default is false. TRUE and FALSE values also work.

title bind::ct:immersive
My Form true

colors (object)

The colors attribute specifies the color scheme used on the form. It follows the Material Design system:

title bind::ct:colors
My Form { "primary": "#6200EE", "accent": "#BB86FC" }

Header - survey sheet

The header object supports custom header attributes. If no header object is specified, then the default header is used. By default, the header title is taken from the question label.

type name label bind::ct:header
integer animal_count How many? { "title": "Custom title", battery: true }

textColor (string)

Color of title and subtitle text, e.g. “#3080FE”, “red”, “green”, etc.

title (string)

Title text. Defaults to the question label.

subtitle (string)

Subtitle text - hidden if empty. Defaults to empty.

track (boolean)

Button in the top-right corner displays track timer state.

battery (boolean)

Button in top-right corner displays battery state.

contentPadding (integer)

Padding around the content area of the page.

type name label bind::ct:contentPadding
integer animal_count How many? 16

Content - survey sheet

The content section is the middle part of the screen between the header and footer. By default it automatically selects a control for the question type, e.g. a date selector for a date question. By specifying a custom content object, more styles are available. This is especially useful for customizing lists.

type name label bind::ct:content
select_one animal animal Select animal { "style": "IconOnly", "itemHeight": 64, "columns": 3 }

style (string)

For select_one questions:

  • IconOnly
  • TextOnly
  • TextBesideIcon
  • TextUnderIcon

For select_multiple questions:

  • IconInlay
  • IconOnly
  • TextOnly
  • TextBesideIcon

For range questions:

  • Grid

Ignored for other question types.

padding (integer)

Padding between grid items.

columns (integer)

Number of columns for grids. Defaults to 2.

lines (boolean)

Show lines between cells for grids. Defaults to true.

border (boolean)

Show border around the outside of a grid. Defaults to false if contentPadding is 0, true otherwise.

borderWidth (integer)

Border width for grid lines. Defaults to 2.

fontSize (integer)

Size text font size. Defaults to 16.

fontBold (boolean)

Set font to bold. Defaults to false.

itemHeight (integer)

Set height of individual items. Defaults to 48.

The footer object supports custom control buttons, e.g. back, next, save, etc. If no footer object is specified, then the default control is used.

type name bind::ct:footer
integer animal_count { "options": true, "map": false, "save": true" }

options (boolean)

Show options button in immersive mode. Show index button in non-immersive mode. Default is true.

map (boolean)

Show map button. Default is true.

save (boolean)

Show save button. Default is false.

next (boolean)

Show next button. Default is true, if there is a next page.

Save settings - survey sheet

The save object supports custom save behavior.

type name bind::ct:save
integer animal_count { "geopoint": "location", "targets": [...], "track": [...] }

geopoint (string - name of geopoint question)

Creating a geopoint question type will prompt the user to enter a location. However, it is useful to snap the location only at save time. Setting this attribute to the name of the geopoint question will trigger a location popup (if the location is not already set).

To make the question invisible, either set the label for the geopoint question to empty, or set the bind::ct:hidden column to true. Using the hidden property allows the form to be compatible with other data capture tools.

targets (array of save targets)

type name bind::ct:save
integer animal_count { "targets": [[{ "choice": "restart", "question": "animal"}, { "choice": "continue", "question": "count"}]] }

On save, the user will be presented with a popup with the options restart or continue. Depending on which is selected, a new sighting will be created starting at that question.

Note that restart and continue are taken from the choices sheet in the saveTargets list name.

choice (string)

Choice name in a list named saveTarget in the choices sheet. Choices are used because they can be localized.

question (string)

Target question name. If the question is not relevant, then this choice will be ignored.

track (array of track configurations)

type name bind::ct:save
integer animal_count { "track": [{ "condition": "${start_stop}='start'", "updateIntervalSeconds": 5, "distanceFilterMeters": 120 }, { "condition": "${start_stop}='stop'", "updateIntervalSeconds": 0 }] }

On Save, it is possible to change the location track configuration. The behavior which triggers is dependent on choices within the form.

condition (string)

An XlsForm expression which activates this option if matched, e.g. ${which_animal}=’bee’

updateIntervalSeconds (integer)

Number of seconds between GPS readings. Set to 0 to disable the track timer.

distanceFilterMeters (integer)

Minimum distance between readings in meters. Optional - no distance filter is used if this is not specified.