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Getting started

Table of Contents


This tutorial shows how to start working with CyberTracker XlsForm extensions. By the end, you will be able to quickly make and test form changes within a desktop environment. This is generally much quicker and easier than deploying to a mobile device.


  • Windows (64-bit) or Mac
  • Excel or other XlsForm editor


1. Download, install and launch CyberTracker

Visit the Download page and follow the instructions to install and launch CyberTracker.

2. Download the project package

Download the package.

3. Install the package in CyberTracker

Use the File->Install package menu option and navigate to the file that was downloaded.

4. Open the CTProjects folder on the desktop

CyberTracker creates a folder on the desktop called CTProjects. Open this folder and navigate to the Projects sub-folder inside it. You will then see a folder for the Project you have just created. Open it and notice that it contains a file called form.xlsx.

5. Open the form, make a change and save it

  • Open form.xlsx and make a change. For example, add a new animal in the choices sheet, or a new question in the survey sheet.
  • Save the form

6. Reload the Project

  • Exit the Project by pressing the Back button in the top left corner
  • Relaunch the project by tapping on it
  • Verify that the changes were made