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Welcome to the CyberTracker Wiki!

What is CyberTracker?

CyberTracker is a nonprofit organization which develops data capture software as part of a larger vision. CyberTracker is most widely used in conservation, but it has also been successfully customized for a variety of other fields. CyberTracker is freeware and is supported through donors and community funded features.

Universal Data Collector

Imagine you are working for a conservation organization that focuses on protecting wildlife and the environment. As part of your work, you need to collect data while out in the field, like tracking animal sightings, monitoring habitats, or recording environmental conditions.

Traditionally, conservation organizations relied on multiple tools or methods to gather this information. They might use paper forms, standalone data collection apps, or even manual data entry into spreadsheets. This can be time-consuming and fragmented, making it difficult to manage and analyze the collected data effectively.

CyberTracker is designed to streamline field data collection for conservation projects. The app is user-friendly and can be easily installed on smartphones or tablets, which many people already have.

What makes the app unique is its ability to work with different backends. Think of a backend as a centralized storage and management system for the collected data. Backends can be chosen which suit specific needs, so there is no need to juggle different tools or waste resources on building separate apps for each project. By reducing the reliance on multiple tools and encouraging investment in a single, adaptable solution, organizations can rely on consistent and reliable data from the field.


CyberTracker can be customized for users with various literacy skills. It recognizes that not everyone has the same level of reading or writing ability. There are multiple ways to input data, including voice recording, image capture, or selecting from predefined options with icons, making it accessible to a wider range of users.

By providing different data input options, this app ensures that everyone can actively participate in data collection. This customization promotes inclusivity and empowers field workers, volunteers, and local community members to contribute effectively to conservation efforts.


CyberTracker is supported by a Forum. The group is monitored by the CyberTracker team and has many knowledgeable folks answering questions.