Table of Contents

2. Demo of SMART Mobile in action

This section describes how to quickly see SMART Mobile in action. The idea is to try it out on an Android or iOS device and help to create an understanding of what it is by example.

This is a disconnected example, so do not capture important data. This demo requires an iOS or Android device with internet access.

2.1. Get SMART Mobile

Search for and install “SMART Mobile for Conservation”:

iOS AppStore:

Android Play Store:

2.2. Connect to a SMART Package

Scan the following QR Code on your phone. It will download and install a sample package into SMART Mobile.

Or click the applink.

2.3. Capture data

Tap REPORT INCIDENT, Make observation, Wildlife

Tap Wildlife - direct observation, then try tapping on some of the options and entering data.

Tap the icon in the top right corner. Then tap the Save button at the bottom.

2.4. Summary

The example shows how to acquire SMART Mobile and use it to capture a single observation. There are many options and configurations available and these will be explored in later sections.