What is Survey123?

Survey123 for ArcGIS is a complete, form-centric solution for creating, sharing, and analyzing surveys. It is developed by Esri, a company that specializes in Geographic Information System (GIS) software.

Survey123 allows you to create surveys using an intuitive form builder, either in a web browser or in the dedicated Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS desktop software. You can create simple or sophisticated forms, including questions with multiple choice options, text inputs, photo and signature captures, and more. The form design can also incorporate skip logic and validation rules.

Once a survey is designed, it can be shared with others who can respond using the Survey123 website or mobile app. One of the significant advantages of Survey123 is that survey responses can be collected even when the user is offline, and then uploaded when a network connection becomes available.

After data collection, you can analyze the survey results directly in Survey123’s built-in reporting tools, or export the data to other software for further analysis.

This software integrates well with the ArcGIS ecosystem, allowing you to map and analyze your survey data geographically using other Esri software.

CyberTracker Connector

CyberTracker supports data collection for Survey123. This includes downloading forms, data collection and submission. CyberTracker extensions are not visible in the Survey123 form editor. To use them, you must maintain the XlsForm separately and upload it when changes are made.

Custom CyberTracker functions are activated using the XlsForm extensions.

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