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Table of Contents

  1. Features



  • Projects are the survey or patrol configurable models packaged for use with SMART mobile
  • Multiple projects can be installed with their own maps and settings
  • Customizable project icon

Support for Patrols, Surveys and Independent Incidents

  • Different configurable models run at the same time
  • Possible to select a “Survey” or “Patrol”

Export data to SMART Desktop

  • Data can be exported to a format that can be imported directly from the device into SMART desktop

Upload data to SMART Connect

  • Upload data the SMART Connect server when online
  • No data are lost if offline

**Multi-language data model support **

  • Support for multiple languages if configured on SMART desktop

Time correction

  • Automatic UTC time zone detection
  • Automatic daylight saving detection

Data entry

  • Selecting data model with icons
  • Lists with icons
  • Trees with icons
  • Pictures which are automatically rotated and scaled
  • Composite sightings at the same location
  • Trees can be flattened into lists

Patrols and Surveys

  • Change metadata quickly during the course of a patrol
  • Change metadata can have disabled attributes, e.g. “Armed” can only be specified when a patrol is started

Independent incidents

  • Entry during patrol without losing what was being done

Sighting history

  • Summary views of patrol sightings and independent incidents
  • Detail view of individual sighting
  • Editing past sightings without interfering with the patrol (can be disabled)
  • Picture view for previously captured pictures

Kiosk mode

  • Allows the device to be locked for SMART Mobile use only
  • Customizable exit pin

Track timer

  • Customizable by distance


  • Send data based on matching sighting attributes
  • Configurable from SMART desktop


  • Send a position at timed intervals
  • Configurable from SMART desktop


  • Visualize the SMART basemap
  • Visualize observations, incidents and tracks
  • Offline maps overlaid on base map
  • 10 online base maps: OpenStreetMap, National Geographic, Satellite, Oceans, etc.
  • Layers can be turned on and off
  • Inspect
  • Navigation with realtime pointer
  • Compass
  • Satellite view
  • Smooth panning, pinch-zoom and rotation
  • Rotate to north at top button
  • Follow modes: user, follow, navigation
  • Co-ordinates in decimal degrees, degrees minutes seconds, degrees decimal minutes and UTM


  • Font scaling (100%, 125%, 150%, 175%, 200%)
  • 100+ languages for UI
  • Dark mode
  • Full screen mode
  • GPS simulation with customizable routes
  • Theme colors


  • Color, gray scale, or black and white
  • 200 common core categories and attributes
  • 250 wildlife species icons associated with species in the default data model
  • More to come in future
  • Users can add their own icons


  • Create bug report
  • App can be killed/crash without losing any state