CyberTracker Classic

What is CyberTracker Classic ?

CyberTracker Classic is a software application for mobile data capture and visualization. The desktop (running on Microsoft Windows) application handles form design and reporting. The mobile (running on Android & iOS) application is used for data capture.

Why “Classic”?

Much of the application was built around 20 years ago. While it has evolved and continues to work well, the larger software world is moving to new platforms and the web.

Is Classic going away?

CyberTracker Classic will continue to work indefinitely and bugs will be fixed as soon as they are found. New features may only be supported in other systems (like SMART).

How can I get technical support?

CyberTracker is supported by a Forum. The group is monitored by the CyberTracker team and has many knowledgeable folks asking and answering questions.

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