Click the links below to download the latest release of CyberTracker:

Download latest release (recommended): 3.532 ~ 11MB

Download latest release (admin install): 3.532 ~ 11MB

Download latest Android APK: 478

Legacy downloads

Click on the links below to get older versions of CyberTracker which are needed for some scenarios:

Download Android APK for Android 5.0 and earlier This version is missing many of the newer features, but can be used on much older devices.

Download Android APK for Desktop version 3.518 and earlier This version is compatible with Desktop versions 3.518 and earlier. A policy change by Google means that the Play Store version of CyberTracker is not compatible with desktop versions 3.518 and below.

How do I install CyberTracker?

  1. Click on the link above to download
  2. The browser will download the file to your local machine
  3. Double click to install

Do I need to uninstall previous versions?

No, CyberTracker automatically upgrades previous versions.

All settings and data are preserved.

Why are there two versions?

Windows applications can be installed in two different ways: for a single user or for all users.

A single-user install means that CyberTracker will only be available for the user who installed it. This is the recommended install type.

An all-user/admin install means that all users on the machine use a single installed version. In order to use this version, you must have administrator rights on your system.