CyberTracker is one of the mobile data collector technologies used by EarthRanger. While still fully operational, it is superseded by the EarthRanger team’s own mobile apps on Android and iOS.

What is EarthRanger?

EarthRanger is a software platform developed by Vulcan LLC and partners, now part of Allen Institute, the company founded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. The software is designed to assist in the protection of wildlife by providing rangers and conservationists with real-time tracking and data analytics.

EarthRanger collates data from a variety of sources, including GPS tags on animals, camera traps, human observation reports, and sensors at park boundaries, among others. This information is presented on an intuitive interface, providing users with an up-to-date overview of park activities, animal movements, and potential threats such as poaching.

The system helps park rangers and wildlife conservationists to monitor animal populations, predict and prevent poaching incidents, and effectively manage protected areas.

Features demo

A demo video showing how CyberTracker works with EarthRanger.