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For geopoint question types, the number of skipped readings before a fix is taken. The default value is 4. Some GPS devices return old readings before real readings. To overcome this, setting the fixCount will cause the system to require several readings before the final location is taken.

type name parameters
geopoint f_location fixCount=4

track file format

When the user presses Save and creates a track file, it is stored in a file field specified in the settings sheet in the bind::ct:save.trackFile column.

By default the format of the track is zipped geojson, but this can be changed by using the format parameter of the question itself. Supported values are geojson and kmz (not supported on Survey123).

Survey123 users should prefer to use a location service - see esriLocationServiceUrl. If a location service is specified, this question should be removed.

type name appearance parameters
file f_track_file hidden format=kmz
title bind::ct:save.trackFile
My form f_track_file