The demos show various features of the CyberTracker XlsForm implementation. These examples are disconnected, so data submission is not supported.

Table of Contents

Get CyberTracker

Desktop: Download page
iOS AppStore:
Android Play Store:

Install the package

Desktop: copy the applink to the clipboard and use the File->Connect using clipboard link menu option.
iOS: long press on the link and select Open in "CyberTracker".
Android: tap the link and it will automatically install and launch the demo.


  1. Field types
    Demo of the various field types. Many of these can be customized further. Check out the XlsForm documentation for more information.

  2. Grid styles
    Check out the content documentation.

  3. Snap location
    Check out the snapLocation documentation.

  4. Save targets
    Check out the save targets documentation.

  5. Track file
    Check out the track file documentation.