Trillion Trees

Trillion Trees is the united force of Birdlife International, Wildlife Conservation Society and WWF. Together we protect and restore forests all over the world - for the benefit of people, nature, and the climate. To support this effort, the Trillion Trees application is available on CyberTracker to track reforestation efforts and measure our impact. The Trillion Trees app is linked to KoBoToolbox forms, and the results are available on the Trillion Trees FORMAPP platform. The process to collect data and visualize your results is detailed in the FORMAPP tutorials.

User Manual

Register & install the FORMAPP toolkit

On the FORMAPP website, the Get Started button will help you go through the steps of tracking your reforestation efforts. You will need to create an account on FORMAPP and create a KoBoToolbox account if you do not have one.

Install Trillion Trees Forms

To find the template forms, go to the Trillion Trees library of KoBoToolbox. From your KoBoToolbox account, click on the library button at the left and select Public Collections. Type in Trillion Trees, open it and you can see the template.

The template forms can be downloaded, adapted, and deployed on your own KoBoToolbox account to be able to collect data. After it is deployed, you will need to share it with two accounts:

  • Share with trilliontrees so that your data can be transferred to the central database
  • Share with ct_trilliontrees so that you can use the form in CyberTracker Then you can open CyberTracker, enter your KoBoToolbox username, and select the forms to use.

Submit Trillion Trees data

In the Projects tab of CyberTracker, you can click on one of the Trillion Trees forms to collect data. The language and appearance of the form can be changed in the form settings at the top right of the screen.

To start a new survey, click on the new button at the bottom right of the screen. When you answer a question, it will automatically move to the next one. If it does not, you can go to the next question or the previous one by clicking on the arrows at the bottom of the screen. The button in the middle allows you to see all the questions and jump to any question of your choice.

You can go back to the list of surveys using the home button at the top left of the screen. To send the surveys that are finalized to the server, click on the Submit button.

The surveys with 3 dots at the end are the ones that have been started but did not finish. If there is a tick, it means the form has been finalized and can be submitted.

If a form has been modified in KoBoToolbox, you can update the project on CyberTracker with a ‘click and hold’ on the form. If you try to update but that it says, “data not sent”, it means that there are surveys that should be submitted before the form can be updated. You should send them or delete the ones you do not want to send. To delete a survey, click and hold on the survey, and select delete. You should maintain the click on delete till the red bar is all the way to the end so that it actually deletes it. This feature is a security to ensure you do not delete anything by mistake. When the page is clean, you can update the project.