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Wish List

To get a feature added to CyberTracker, your options are:

  • Request a feature by sending mail to - he will add it to the wish list below.
  • Commision (pay for yourself) for the feature to be built. Once developed, the feature will be available to everyone who downloads CyberTracker.

Open feature requests (in no particular order):

  1. Speed should optionally be part of sighting GPS attributes
  2. Export to GDB and GDX (GPS waypoint data files)
  3. Smartphone (no touch screen) support
  4. Hold down on Element list displays hint
  5. Feature to delete all the sightings from a database
  6. Ability to individually inspect and edit track timer readings
  7. Direct text entry screen, similar to digit screen, but with text
  8. Shape file rendering on map: class breaks renderer
  9. Identify shape file feature
  10. Use of physical buttons for specific commands, e.g. track control or movement within a sequence
  11. Export to DXF
  12. Specify row-wise or column-wise order for Elements in a multi-column list.
  13. Automatically convert font symbols to icons.
  14. Element Formula support for math functions like SQRT, SIN, COS, etc
  15. Global value support for strings
  16. Client control for input of time
  17. Result Element support on check lists
  18. Calendar control on client
  19. iPhone version of the client
  20. Zoom to active map sighting
  21. Support for the creation of polygons
  22. Timer control to do countdowns
  23. Export of ESRI Projection file (.PRJ) alongside SHP files
  24. Multiple field maps on the PDA
  25. Export filters back to Excel
  26. Re-synchronize all Applications at once
  27. Output Heading and Speed with other GPS attributes
  28. Export images from SHP file export
  29. Create columns for all fields in sighting at once
  30. Degrees/Minutes/Seconds display on desktop
  31. Ability to change units on field devices, e.g. miles, namiles, etc.
  32. Alternate colors on Element List lines
  33. Export multiple queries at once into a single Excel spreadsheet
  34. Post processing of GPS to differential quality
  35. Change color on field map based on property of Element
  36. Support for far east languages
  37. Upload to DropBox from Android devices
  38. Google Play version of CyberTracker
  39. Status page on the client which shows details about uploads, number of sightings, etc.
  40. Ability to change English text like “tap to edit” and “tap to capture”
  41. Multi-select User lists
  42. Ability to select target folder for images when exporting a table
  43. Cyrillic alphabet support
  44. SFTP

Completed features

  • Support for Google Earth
  • Send data button in Report mode (send via email)
  • Labels on maps
  • Select from non-active query on map
  • Ability to specify which Element field is displayed in the query table (instead of just name, value or tag)
  • Ability to Paste filters from Excel
  • Negative numbers on digit screens
  • Export track timer readings and sightings to single table
  • Ability to customize which track timer intervals appear on timer screen
  • Active query order should be saved along with report
  • Automatically convert Virtual Earth maps for use on the PDA.
  • Graph view which allows visualization of simple trends
  • Parts of sequences can be password protected
  • PDA can be locked so that only CyberTracker can be run
  • Simulate GPS for application testing
  • PC version of the client
  • Android version of the client
  • Decimal degrees option for GPS screens on Client
  • Number screen should allow increments other than 1, e.g. 5
  • Maps should export with Scale, compass rose
  • Make photo optionally required
  • Export to Darwin Core
  • Filters should not be cleared when adding a new column
  • Block next on check list, number list if no numbers have been entered
  • Android should support Bluetooth GPS
  • Map View should open centered around sightings in query
  • Client control for input of date
  • Support for PostgreSQL
  • Edit sightings should work with regular Navigator Save control, not just Navigator