Table of Contents

1. Introduction

This manual describes the functions and usage of the SMART Mobile software application.

The intended audience is users of the SMART Desktop application who are configuring field data collection. Field users or rangers may also use this manual to understand the various configurations and how they function.

The manual does not describe the SMART Desktop application, although it may make reference to various desktop configuration options. Readers are encouraged to learn the desktop application before reading this manual.

1.1. What is SMART Mobile?

SMART Mobile is a mobile phone application that is used by rangers to capture data from the field.

The SMART Desktop application defines the data model and SMART Mobile uses this definition to prompt the rangers to collect data.

Rangers capture data and then download it into SMART Desktop for reporting and analysis.

1.2.1. Resource Library

SMART Conservation Tools maintain a resource library:

This includes many documents and guides for leveraging and extending SMART features. Readers are encouraged to use the library to grasp the core concepts ahead of using this manual. For example, a Patrol is a set of related observations and attributes. This term will be used through the manual.

1.2.2. Community Forum

There is a moderated community forum which is responsive to questions and comments:

When reporting an issue, it is very helpful to attach a bug report.

1.2.3. Tutorial videos and more

Additional resources related to SMART Mobile may be found here: